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We recommend that you take the following :

A small backpack (10 to 15 litres) for 1 or 2 people to carry things you want during the day (water, hat, sunscreen, personal belongings, papers, snacks, camera, etc.).

A big travel bag (e.g. Sports bag) that is easy to carry. A soft bag is preferable to a suitcase as we will need to load everyone's luggage into the 4-wheel drives or minibus and it will make it easier to do so.

A good sleeping bag. Minimally a « mid-season » as it can get a bit chilly at night in the desert camp (no sleeping bag requested for Cappadocia race).

Warm clothing for the evenings and, for the day, light comfortable clothes (not requested for Cappadocia race, only for Tunisia race).

A few t-shirts, a sweat shirt, jumper or fleece jacket.

A windcheater jacket. One or two pairs of light cotton trousers.

IMPORTANT: Shorts are not recommended for long periods under the hot sun. The wearing of shorts by women in public is frowned upon (outside of the hotel). Nefta for the Tunisia Race and Urgup for the Cappadocia race are holy Muslim city so be sensitive to this.

As in all Muslim countries, female runners should try to avoid overly skimpy running wear, swimsuit, hat or cap, headscarf, sunglasses.

Toiletries, light first aid kit (see below)

1 litre water bottle (or Camel back), penknife (NB: remember to put it in hold luggage with other sharp objects such as tweezers, scissors, etc.)

Toilet paper and a lighter for immediate incineration after use (out in the desert, not in the hotel obviously!)

A spare pair of light, comfortable shoes or sandals for the evenings at the hotel and for wandering around town (though you could buy some nice leather « babouches » slippers locally in Tunisia)

For runners, we ask that you have the following:

  • A signalling mirror (an old CD will do), a compass, a head torch or pocket lamp, a whistle.
  • 8 safety pins, a space blanket, a Camel Back or equivalent water container.
  • Head gear (ideally a « sahara » cap with neck protection).
  • Running shoes (« trail » shoes recommended rather than road running shoes).
  • Salt tablets (optional, used to slow down water loss in extreme heat).
  • Optionally, a mobile phone. Coverage is good in Southern Tunisia and Cappadocia, and the phone can be useful in case of emergency. Organisation contact numbers will be given to you prior to the race.

EQUIPMENT PROVIDED (no for Cappadocia race)

A thick ground mat for the night out in the Bedouin tents (4-6 people per tent).


As required by French law, you need to have a medical certificate signed by your doctor that states that your health is good enough to undertake this event: you may be prevented from competing without it! A standard medical certificate is available on request.

There are no mandatory vaccinations. Anti-tetanus, polio, diphtheria, typhoid are often recommended for any travel outside Europe to be quiet. A medical and dental check-up before leaving can be a useful precaution but is not required.


Though medical staff will be on hand, it is always useful to bring a basic first aid kit with you containing antiseptic, blister care, diarrhoea tablets, sunscreen, lip balm, aspirin, plasters.


As ever when travelling, we advise against giving money to local children who might beg (albeit a rare occurrence in Tunisia and Cappadocia). If you want to give, we recommend kid's clothing or school supplies which are more appreciated and lead to a healthier relationship between tourists and the local population.

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